Ekseption Ultim-Eyes Mask 30 ml

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– Reduce eye bags.
– Reduce dark circles.
– Hydrate the eye contour.
– Reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

– ET-vitamin C (0,5%).
– Hesperidine methyl chalcone (0,8%).
– Squalane (2%).

Without a doubt the most effective formulation we have created in 25 years of experience to reduce dark circles and bags under the eyes.
Impressive results after only 3 applications.
A synergy of active anti-inflammatory, decongestant and strengthening micro-circulation around the eyes. Vitamin C stimulates the production
of extracellular matrix proteins to strengthen the dermis around the eye area, flavonoids strengthen blood capillaries and squalene nourishes
and protects the eye area.

– Et-Vitamin C is a multi-functional vitamin C derivative with excellent anti-inflammatory, free radical- scavenging and collagen boosting effect.
Its stability is superior to other ascorbic acid derivatives. Ethyl ascorbic acid is a molecule produced by modifying ascorbic acid, commonly
known as vitamin C. This modification is done to increase the molecule’s stability and enhance its transport through skin, as pure vitamin C is
easily degraded. It exhibits strong boosting effect on collagen to fortify the dermis on top of interfering with inflammatory cytokines and reverse
free radical production.

– Hesperidin is a bioflavonoid found in large concentrations in citrus fruits, including lemon, orange, and grapefruit. Hesperidin is antioxidant,
anti-inflammatory, healing, whitening and improves micro-circulation. Most important from hesperidin is for sure its positive effect on fragile

HMC is a strong anti-inflammatory since it fights free radicals, it can soothes inflammations caused by oxidative stress, preventing cellular
damages. It accelerates skin healing, reduce redness and has strong positive effects on blood vessels.

HMC can reduce the blood leakage from vessels by 45% reducing inflammatory messengers. This is a unique property found only in this active
ingredient and that can help to treat rosacea, couperosis, redness in a very short period of time.

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