Ekseption Super Retinol Fluid - 45 ml

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– Reduce wrinkles & pigmentation.
– Avoid redness and inflammation due to retinol. – Improves the skin softness.
– Reduce oily skin & acne.

– Retinol in liposomes (1%).
– Natural bakuchiol (0,2%).
– ET-Vitamin C (1%).
– Niacinamide (1%).
– Hesperedin Methyl Chalcone (0,2%).
– Squalane (2,5%).
– Natural alpha-bisabolol (0,2%).
– Vitamin E ( 0,5%).

A revolutionary rejuvenation serum with high concentration of retinol in liposomes. The product can be used in the evening, on a regular basis, combined with a sun protector during the day. If the skin feels dry or a bit sensitive just reduce the frequency of application. Super retinol fluid is excellent for those who want a smooth and youthful appearance. The result is a significant improvement in skin elasticity, firmness, pigmentation, and hydration. All these effects go along, without showing redness, dryness or skin flakiness.

A concentrate of active ingredients that includes Retinol liposomes & Bakuchiol.

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