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Hyaluronic PEPTIDES is a must have serum for aged skin as it directly targets wrinkles and skin laxity. It has been developed to provide a quick response to the effects of skin ageing by speeding up the skins natural process of collagen and elastin production. 

Hyaluronic PEPTIDES serum will reduce wrinkles, lift and tighten the skin and increase skin moisture levels to leave the skin looking more youthful and radiant. 

This serum contains the base solution XS hyaluronic acid 2%, and two powerful anti-wrinkle peptides at a 5% strength, these peptides are: Tripeptide-1 which is used to stimulate stem cell proliferation; as stem cells are proliferated by Tripeptide-1, different functional cells including fibroblasts can be derived from stem cells, and Hexapeptide-12 which is a repeated amino acids sequence that is found in elastin, produced by fibroblasts. Hexapeptide-12 demonstrates a positive effect on elastin production.

We recommend this serum generally for the age group of 40+ or anyone suffering from early signs of skin ageing, open pores or acne scarring.

  • This serum can be mixed in any proportion with other mixlab serums to create a personalized formulation with additional benefits.
  •  It can be added as part, or in full (2 doses) to the hyaluronic mix-mask to create a personalized mask.
  • The serum can be retailed and used as an offer the shelf serum, applied topically to the skin alone or under a moisturizer.

Product Scent:

Ceylan tea & citric acids.

SKU: EK01023

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