The Ultimate Guide to Successfully Increasing your Profit through Virtual Consultations

We live in a world of technology, where virtual consultations have proven to work very well. People are receptive because it is simple, convenient, and they don't have to leave their house.

Today's market is about instant gratification, quick answers, and immediate results. Therefore, it should be effortless for the patient. I recommend watching the Social Dilemma documentary to understand the power of technology and how we can market without leaving our homes.

Three tips on starting virtual consultations:

  1. Consultations should be 30 min. max. The goal is to sell retail and book treatments to answer questions. We want to turn that 30 min. into money!
  2. Virtual consultations are where we get to practice all our sales, communication, and marketing strategies. Most estheticians lack confidence in their skills to sell and communicate. It is understandable because this was missing from our school training, which should be an essential part of the curriculum.
  3. Don't get discouraged; there are many programs online now. Take a class on sales communication and social media; invest in yourself! Confidence comes from knowledge. Remember, your business can not grow faster than you. We need to grow as individuals and business owners to grow our business.

Unsure how to offer a successful virtual consultation?  

  1. Accurate and in-depth skin analysis.  Understanding skin anatomy and having an excellent aesthetic eye to assess a person skin through a photo/video. It requires knowing and understanding the aging process, bone and muscle fat loss, elastosis, skin quality etc…. Remember, the outside only reflects what is going on inside; if we understand how the skin works internally, we can then give a successful assessment.
  1. Offer a suitable treatment plan for the patient, recommending the best products to improve the skin. Offering solutions is vital for a successful skin analysis.
  2. Selling yourself as THE best aesthetic professional, your products, and your treatments requires excellent communication skills. You must deliver trust through a video/call. Offer incentives and discounts if they book or buy right away, or a special price for doing a virtual consultation.
  3. Use a reliable system for sales and client conversion, for example: a website to sell and process products online, credit card processing to take a phone order, and a booking system to set up an appointment for treatment.
  4. Setting up space for the video conference is imperative. Your virtual background should be clean, professional, and have great lighting. Set up Zoom, do a test to see how others see you and wear your lab coat. Look your best, and remember you are selling yourself!

Before your first virtual appointment: 

"Virtual Consultation Available" should be posted on your social media, Facebook, Instagram, e-mail signature, your lobby, your website, and in an e-blast. 

These strategies will only be useful if you have established platforms and have many followers. If you are not there yet, take a class, or hire a marketing expert. Don't view it as an expense; view it as an investment. It should give you your money back and more!

Consultation questions

Get 2 or 3 pictures in advance e-mailed to you. First, a close up with no make-up—next, a front photo focusing on their concern. The goal is to analyze their skin before the conference.

Have a questionnaire ready for the call, which will be your medical and aesthetic forms.

Examples of the best questions to ask in a virtual conference:

  1. Lifestyle questions: what do you do for a living? Sun exposure?
  2. Medical questions: any medical conditions? Any medication or over-the-counter products?
  3. Aesthetic questions: any fillers, surgeries, aesthetic procedures, peels, lasers, or using retinol?
  4. What products are they using? What is the skincare maintenance routine?

The results?  

Gaining a new client by offering a home regiment, recommending products followed by an appointment to get started.

Keep in mind that your goal is to sell and close the patient at the end of the consultation.

I can honestly say that thorough virtual consultation, I have increased retail 50% and acquired 20% more clients VS in-person. I can provide more work to my practitioners and grow the retail market; this is where the money is now. The aesthetic industry moves high-speed, use technology to your advantage, and make it a goal to grow as fast as the industry does!


Adriana Wroth is a certified aesthetic consultant, Adriana is passionate about collaborating with professionals and providing them with solutions for their practice. Her role has poised her to be on the cutting-edge of the latest innovations and advancements in the aesthetic field. Her experience in working and training alongside anti-aging pioneers inspired her to open AW Advanced Aesthetic Training in 2012, where she wrote more than 50 aesthetic courses to pass on her knowledge to many of today’s industry-leading professionals.