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    Board of Advisors

    Adriana Wroth, Founder of AW Advanced Aesthetic Training

    • Expert in Medical Aesthetics.
    • NCEA National Educator.
    • Clinical Oncology Esthetics Certified.
    • Studied Mesotherapy and French Biochemistry in Spain.
    • Aeshetic Consultant and Business Development Certified.
    • Coached Over 1,000+ aesthetic practices across North America.
    • Authored over 50+ medical aesthetic training.

    Sophia Wroth, Account Manager

    • Studied Pre-Med in Fort Meyers.
    • College Graduate as a Business Specialist.
    • Phlebotomy Certified.
    • Account Manager.
    • Aesthetic Tradeshows.

    Katherine Wroth, Marketing Director

    • B.A. in Advertising and Public Relations.
    • More than 10 years of experience in Brand Development, Product Development, and Marketing Communications with multinational companies.
    • Certifications include Content Marketing Certified and Advanced Google Analytics.

    Dr. Natalya Ismailova, Fusion Medical Board

    • Md, Phd, Dermatologist.
    • Expert in Medical Aesthetics.
    • Published articles in varoius medical publications.
    • American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM).
    • Russian Society of Dermatologist Member.
    • IPSEN Expert Training Committee.
    • Allergan Expert Committe.

    Dr. Philippe Sillard, Fusion Medical Board

    • Expert in Aesthetics Medicine and Anti-Aging.
    • Cosmetic MD+ with 20 + Years Experience.
    • American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM).
    • Member of French Society Of Mesotherapy (SFME).
    • Member of AMME (FRANCE).

    Lina Barbados, A.W Medical Assistant

    • Master in Aesthetics & Anti-Aging.
    • L.E, C.C.E,C.M.E
    • Phlebotomy Certified.
    • Trained in PRP, HIFU, Micro-Needing, RF.
    • Licensed in Utah & Florida.