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    Master the Selling Process & Increase your Profit 9:30 am - 4:00 pm

    DID YOU KNOW THAT: The medical aesthetics market will be worth $17.07 Billion by 2023. In the next five years, it is projected that the US medical spa industry will nearly double, reaching approximately $6 billion by 2022. Medical spa industry revenues have been growing at a double-digit pace since 2010, and by more than 20% annually since 2013. Facial aesthetic products segment is expected to hold the largest share of the medical aesthetics market in 2019.

    About this experience

    - Because the industry is growing rapidly, each successful practice must continue to
    focus on new innovations within the industry to improve the overall experience for
    each consumer.
    - The industry is also advancing rapidly, which means more opportunities for you to
    - Competition is fierce and you need to STAND OUT in order to thrive in this market.

    We have noticed that many practices are:
    - Losing sales opportunities because lack of confidence
    - Making the same costly mistakes
    - Struggling to stand out in a competitive market
    - Do not have the proper systems in place

    At AWST, we are committed to helping you elevate to the next level of success.
    It’s time to focus on creating new sales opportunities right before season begins.
    We have created a marketing and sales training to help you advance, stand out in a noisy market and begin exceeding your sales goals right away.

    - Learn what makes an aesthetic practice successful
    - Increase practice revenues and growth
    - Learn to discover hidden opportunities. *Markets rise & fall, but there is always
    room to profit*
    - Creating five figure profits with five star retail
    - Selling in the treatment room
    - Earn immediate and repeat business
    - Different methods to increase your product sales
    - How you can differentiate yourself in a competitive market
    - Understand social media and internet marketing
    - Acquire advanced staff management skills
    - Improve your patient assessment and consultation skills
    - Learn how to deal with patient expectations
    - Attain a higher standard of credibility with patients, colleagues and employers
    - Understand financial analysis and your practice metrics
    And so much more!

    - Lunch
    - 1 Hour Class Q&A – Get personalized feedback!
    - Lifetime access to the class PowerPoint
    - All forms necessary for your practice


    Cancellation Policy
    AWST’s cancellation policy is strictly enforced. Cancellations less than 7 days prior to training will result in lost registration fees paid but may be applied toward another class if AWST approved. Canceling/rescheduling class results in a 50% credit within 7 days from class date. No shows are NOT refundable.

    Classes may be canceled or postponed due to circumstances beyond our control including not achieving the minimum number of registrants to meet our requirements to sponsor a class. Paid registration fees will be refunded in full for class cancellations. AWST is not responsible for any lost travel fees or deposits due to cancellations. We appreciate your understanding with this matter.

    It is the responsibility of every licensed professional to check with their state’s board for rules and regulations related to their professional scope of practice.