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    Hyper Pigmentation 9:30 am - 4:00 pm

    Pigmentation is one of the most difficult skin conditions to treat effectively. Unless we understand the causes behind the creation of pigment and why things can go wrong, we have no real chance of providing effective treatments.

    About this experience

    Our 1 day training will teach you to fully understand the challenges of pigmentation, the changes that take place within each layer of the epidermis even before any pigment is ever seen on the surface of the skin. Understanding hyperpigmentation and exactly what it takes to trigger and produce pigmentation is the key to successful treatments.

    With this knowledge, you will learn the tools needed to develop effective protocols and treatments plans to prevent uneven skin.

    Course Outline:
    • Anatomy Of The Skin
    • Skin Physiology
    • Internal & External Melanocyte Triggers
    • Pathways Of Melanogenesis
    • Types Of Melanin Disorders
    • Treatment And Prevention
    • Skin Lightening Agents
    • Treatment Protocols


    Cancellation Policy
    AWST’s cancellation policy is strictly enforced. Cancellations less than 7 days prior to training will result in lost registration fees paid but may be applied toward another class if AWST approved. Canceling/rescheduling class results in a 50% credit within 7 days from class date. No shows are NOT refundable.

    Classes may be canceled or postponed due to circumstances beyond our control including not achieving the minimum number of registrants to meet our requirements to sponsor a class. Paid registration fees will be refunded in full for class cancellations. AWST is not responsible for any lost travel fees or deposits due to cancellations. We appreciate your understanding with this matter.

    It is the responsibility of every licensed professional to check with their state’s board for rules and regulations related to their professional scope of practice.